After a Year of Waiting, the Third Edition of the Festival de las Ideas, Puebla 2024 Began!

Today has begun the third edition of Festival de las Ideas, Puebla 2024, an initiative of Centro Ricardo B. Salinas Pliego in collaboration with the Government of the State of Puebla through the Secretariats of Tourism, Planning and Finance, Economy, Culture and Education. With the theme “Explosión Creativa”, the Metropolitan Auditorium of Puebla receives the most important figures of current thought to celebrate the transformative force of creativity and collective imagination.

We open the first segment with the energy of The Pack Drumline, the most amazing and electrifying group of drummers and dancers from the United States. The most inspirational entrepreneur in Latin America, Leandro Viotto Romano, shared with us that inequality of opportunities is the most priority challenge today and is resolved with public policies. To continue, we listened to the prominent critical journalist Sergio Sarmiento, who participated with the presentation “Forbidden Books,” which showed that, throughout humanity, books have been censored for their ideas. For his part, Cato Institute analyst Marian L. Tupy spoke about population growth bringing more abundance.

Likewise, the CNBC television journalist, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, talked about how public policy crosses the politics of a country like the US and we concluded the segment with the famous American political scientist, Francis Fukuyama, with his conference “Geopolitical Challenges of 2024,” where he commented the crisis that democracy is experiencing and the rise of authoritarian powers, among other things.

The art segment began with the Irish dance of the amazing duo of 5-time champion dancing brothers, The Gardiner Brothers, who raised applause in the auditorium. The renowned international plastic artist, Carlos Luna, spoke about his life story and the situation that Cuba is experiencing since Fidel Castro ruled. Then, the notable conductor, Paolo Bortolameolli, gave a piano presentation where he explained moments in his life. Later he joined us Platon, one of the best documentary photographers in the world, and showed us some of his photographic work, including figures such as Mohamed Ali, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump and Stephen Hawking. We were also graced with the presence of Francis Kéré, the first African architect to win the Pritzker Architecture Prize, who mentioned how his work seeks the responsibility of social architecture in a country like Burkina Faso.

Likewise, Fernando Parrado, one of the sixteen survivors of the tragic accident in the Andes of 1972, moved the audience with his keynote talk and spoke about how survival changed his life and the importance of love as the opposite of death.

To close the first day of activities with a flourish, the opinion leader and prominent journalist, Javier Alatorre, interviewed “Nando” Parrado himself and the actor who played him in the film Society of the Snow, Agustín Pardella, both of whom They expressed their point of view on human and Mexican problems.

This concluded the first day of FDI activities.
On Friday, March 8, starting at 10 in the morning, the Festival de las Ideas, Puebla 2024, will continue.


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